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Best Tips for a Perfectly Clean Refrigerator
19Feb 2015
Best Tips for a Perfectly Clean Refrigerator

Having a clean home is obviously important for your health. However, there are certain areas that never seem to be clean enough – and the refrigerator is definitely one of them. While house cleaning may not be fun and while you might not be able to simply call in the cleaning service, it is important that you take care of your refrigerator with regularity. After all, this is where you store your food!

How to get a perfectly clean refrigerator the most efficient (and inexpensive) way possible? Here are some amazing tips to help you out:

1.    Kitchen cleaning can turn into a huge headache if you don’t maintain everything as tidy as possible. Same as with the oven cleaning, you should make sure to wipe off any spills or crumbs as soon as they appear in your refrigerator. This takes literally a few seconds and it can save you hours of scrubbing when the monthly refrigerator cleaning knocks on your door.

2.    Aside from wiping off any spills, you should also make sure to keep things as organized as possible in your refrigerator. Not only will this make life easier for everyone who uses this piece of appliance, but it will also help you with the house cleaning too. You can maintain your refrigerator’s organization by doing simple and time-friendly things. For instance, before you do your grocery shopping, make sure to reorganize everything your refrigerator so that you can easily place the fresh items inside without making a mess out of it.

3.    House cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive – and neither does kitchen cleaning in any way. To have a sparkly clean refrigerator, you will only need two products: baking soda and dish detergent. Mix 1 tsp. mild dish detergent, 1 tsp. baking soda and 1 cup of water for a thorough cleaning solution. If you don’t want to use the dish detergent, you can simply use baking soda and water or you can use a mixture made out of white vinegar and water.

4.    Start by emptying out everything in your refrigerator. Use a clean cloth to wipe all the areas of the refrigerator with your chosen cleaning solution. Use another wet cloth to rinse everything and a dry one to dry everything off as well.

5.    If you want to remove any unpleasant smells from the refrigerator, you should know that baking soda and white vinegar are your best friends. Wiping everything with the above-mentioned solutions can be extremely helpful. Also, if you simply want to remove the odors from the refrigerator without cleaning it, you can simply leave a small cup filled with white vinegar or baking soda-water solution in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. All the nasty odors will be absorbed by the solution and your refrigerator will be disinfected and clean.

6.    In general, you should thoroughly clean the refrigerator about once a month but, as mentioned before, maintenance is extremely important too.

7.    Last, but definitely not least, make sure you clean the outside of the refrigerator and that you clean the small rubber spaces in between the door and the refrigerator proper too. You might not realize this, but a lot of germs can make a “home” in those areas so you should absolutely make sure everything is very well disinfected. Furthermore, if the outside of your refrigerator is made out of stainless steel, remember to use products that are suitable for this type of material because otherwise you might scratch and damage it.

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