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Sofa Cleaning Services For The Office
02Sep 2014
Sofa Cleaning Services For The OfficeWhen you are running an office, there will almost definitely be upholstery in there. You will find that upholstered furniture like seats and sofas are necessary for people to relax on during lunch, as well as for clients, partners and other business associates to recline on whilst awaiting appointments and meetings. You will find that these pieces of furniture are well used, and will need attention in terms of how clean they are. As a part of your office cleaning, you will want to ensure that all parts of the office are clean, and that means including the upholstery cleaning in your cleaning service’s work. This can throw a spanner in the works, as some office cleaners will not have commercial upholstery in their list of services, and suddenly everything is more complicated.As a general rule, you should be using a cleaning contractor that can do every kind of cleaning that your office may require. From carpet cleaning to oven cleaning, you never know what you are going to need from them, but the fact is that the whole office needs cleaning well, and your cleaners need to be up to the job. So, be sure that your cleaners can sort the upholstery cleaning in advance of even needing the job donning, and you should find that you have much less of an issue when it comes to getting it sorted. You will find that there is a lot to be said for ensuring that the job is done on a day that the office is not in use, as this will give the furniture a break from use. You will find that even with quicker processes like dry cleaning, a piece of furniture needs to be out of action for a couple of hours, so doing the work on the weekend or after office hours is usually the best form of action. Sometimes you can get the items taken away for their upholstery cleaning, but this will ruin the look of the office if you do so during office hours, so it probably isn’t the best plan of action.You will find that in many cases, the best option for public areas is the dry cleaning one. However, this can be very expensive, because it is such an effective and specialist method. The process uses solvents that are spread on the fabric, that will remove the dirt from the fibers in the material, without wetting the material itself. You will find that the result of this is a clean that does not risk the integrity of the material whatsoever, and is cleaned in a short amount of time.Steam cleaning is another effective professional method, which uses the heat and pressure of steam to break down the adhesive qualities in dirt, and pull the dirt particles from the material itself. You will find that the resulting clean from steam cleaning is very good, but it will leave the material slightly damp. Ensure that the windows are open whilst using this technique, as it will reduce the chance of the damp turning in to mold. If there are just a couple of smaller stains on your upholstery, then getting your office cleaners to have a scrub at it with a little stain remover will often do the trick, and will save the need for hiring in specialist cleaners for the job. Have a look over the furniture in your place and see what you think the best plan of action is.