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Top Tips For Upholstery Cleaning
21Nov 2014
Top Tips For Upholstery CleaningIs your furniture looking dreary, drab and out of date? Tried vacuuming and brushing but nothing seems to work? Upholstery cleaning can be arduous task and a delicate one at the best of times, so it’s vital that you are aware of exactly what you are doing in order to get the best results. Using the proper cleaning techniques, you can get your sofa cleaning, armchair cleaning and other cleaning jobs well and truly sorted by giving your upholstered furniture a new lease of life. •    If you have tried vacuuming your upholstery before and haven’t had the desired results, it may be best to try out a few different nozzles to see which works best. Don’t use any large attachments, as these will be difficult use and manoeuvre around the nooks and crannies of your sofa or chair. Use a fine attachment with smooth brushes so as to be sure that you don’t accidently rip the upholstery. When you begin vacuum cleaning, make sure that the upholstery material is taught by smoothing it out with your fingers; this will make it much easier to clean and will ensure that you don’t get any unwanted creases when you are finished. •    Stain removal is major aspect of house cleaning in general and one that gives people many problems when it comes to tackling stains and spots on their upholstery. The first thing to do would be to gently blot and dab at the stain using a tea towel and some warm water. Then add some of the cleaning agent; read the label of your cleaning agent to ensure you have the correct product to help clean upholstery and make sure that you follow the instructions and are 100% sure of how to apply it to the stain. Different cleaning agents have different methods of use and application so just do exactly what the label says.  If it says leave it for a couple of hours, then leave it and don’t be tempted to start rubbing it in straight away. Rubbing a stain on your upholstery is possibly the worst thing that you could do it, as it will not only spread the stain, but in all likelihood you are probably rubbing it deeper and making it harder for yourself to get it removed. •    Make sure that you are aware what fabric your upholstery is made out of. There must be a label attached to your upholstery, so seek it out and make sure that you read what it says before applying any sprays or using any cleaning equipment on it.  Certain fabrics require certain cleaning treatments, so make sure you study the label for a little bit before you start cleaning. If you don’t check, then proceed to clean at your peril, and don’t be surprised if your material becomes discoloured, faded, ripped or torn. We know that you are probably anxious to get your upholstery cleaned and sort out any issues, but it is really worth spending a little bit of time before hand to prepare for what you are going to do. •    If you have exhausted every means possible when it comes to trying to get your upholstery cleaned, then there are plenty of cleaning companies out there with teams of professional cleaners who will know exactly what to do. However when you get in touch with them be sure to ask for recommendations and speak to someone directly without just settling for the machine when you call, because it’s important to know who you’re dealing with and to make sure you haven’t just hired a bogus company which could cause more damage.

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