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     The cleaners were punctual and reliable. Everything went according to plan. In fact, Kingston Cleaners even surpassed my expectations.
M. Peters27/04/2018
     My neighbours were so dirty! They had rats and mice everywhere and they ended up coming into our place. We were left with rat droppings and we had to get the professionals to clean everything up for us. It was such a nuisance until we came across Kingston Cleaning online that did all the work for us. Many thanks.
     Keeping my house clean is a huge challenge, especially with my three year old and five year old around. Thanks to CleanersKingston, I can stay on top of my cleaning without having to compromise on the time I spend with my kids or at work. They do a wonderful job in my home and use child-safe products to clean, which is another reason why I would like to continue using their services. Not to mention that they are also very cheap, so I don't have to spend a lot of money in keeping my house clean.
     I was being relocated by the company I work for and I had found a temporary house to rent. It was nice but very dirty and it would benefit from a good clean. The owner of the house recommended CleanersKingston who actually specialize in end/start of tenancy cleaning. I was presented with a written quote which was well within my budget. They did a lovely job of cleaning the house and I am very thankful to this wonderful team of professionals.
Geoffrey Buswell24/11/2014
     We needed a cleaner who was reliable and did more than just the basics. CleanersKingston have provided us with a very good cleaning service and our home is cleaned to a very high standard regularly. The cleaners sent to us roll up their sleeves and really get down to it, and we have them cleaning our oven, the bathroom tiles, the carpets and the curtains as well as the run of the mill hoovering, dusting, rubbish emptying and so on. The results this cleaning agency produce are very impressive and we've used them for many months now.
Veronica F.05/11/2014
     Having such a big house means that a lot of the cleaners we employ only do half a job, even when there are two or more of them. We know what our house looks like when it's been deep cleaned, and so do CleanersKingston, because of how thorough their service is! It was always a struggle to find a cleaner or company who would give the whole house (4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms) 110% but I'm glad to say that now we have found that one company who go the extra mile. Amazing, and now I'm the envy of all my friends too!
T. Murray04/09/2014
     I never would have thought that I'd be hiring a professional cleaning service, I always thought that it'd be too expensive, and that I'd never have a use for it. Though, that being said, family life is hectic these days, so I welcomed any outside help with open arms. CleanersKingston provides all of the cleaning assistance I need, and for a price that's easy on the wallet! In short; if you're a family man like me, hiring a cleaning service is a good way to keep on top of things. Me and the wife both think it's a great idea, so you might think so as well!
Roger Gorman21/08/2014
     I was getting married and wanted my house spring leaning before my new wife moved in. I was given the number of a company my mate had used so called them and booked a time and date. CleanersKingston were absolutely brilliant. Looking smart and well organised with all the supplies and tools they were the business when they first arrived. The workers were polite and hard working. They did what I requested and did a fantastic job all the way through house. My house looks shiny and bright with cleanliness. I was completely satisfied with the work and so was my future bride.
Ed Ball26/05/2014
     I am pleased to report that my recent experience using CleanersKingston was a successful one. You will understand that finding a great cleaner is daunting, as you never know what you are going to get until you have tried them out. I will be using the team again I think, as I was very impressed with how well they cleaned the house, as well as their price range. The team seemed very happy to help, and I enjoyed having them in the house whilst they were working, as they were very polite indeed. A great company, very highly recommended!
Shirley Matherson14/05/2014
     What an amazing cleaning service! I needed to have my house professionally cleaned and I got in touch with CleanersKingston after a friend told me about them, and I was more than satisfied with the job they did. I only had a few hours to get my house into shape for a dinner party, but my cleaner was very efficient and didn't let the time constraints get to her! Everything looked amazingly clean and I never would have managed without their help! I don't think I'd call another cleaning company should I ever need a similar service, this is the only one for me!
Julie L.25/02/2014